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Please take the time to look around and find out more about our fellowship; but don't just look at our website, you are more than welcome to fellowship with us at our regular meetings. Or feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

The Church is open for prayer every day from 10am - 4pm. On the first floor we have Eleos Christian Bookshop, a ministry of the church where we stock a wide range of Bibles, books for all ages, cards, gifts, CDs & DVDs. Coffee, tea & juices are also available.
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Prayer News

EGYPT – Christians killed in bus attack

Thirty-five Coptic Christians have been killed and more than 20 wounded in an attack by gunmen on two buses in Upper Egypt this morning. The group were on their way to visit a monastery in the Minya district. Ten masked men dressed in military uniforms stopped the buses, climbed in and started shooting. It is...

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Prayer Shield 26th May 2017 – Sudan

Today our prayer was going to be for the two Sudanese men jailed for ‘aiding and abetting’ Petr Jašek – Pastor Hassan Abduraheem and Abdulmonem Abdumawla – who remained in jail after his release. We were going to ask you to ‘pray their appeal will be heard soon and they too will be released’. Praise...

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Christians kidnapped by terrorists in Philippines

Thousands of people have fled the city of Marawi in the south of the Philippines after militants kidnapped 14 Christians and burnt down their church. Extremists groups, which have pledged allegiance to Islamic State, went on the rampage in the city on the island of Mindanao on Tuesday. Please pray for the safe return of...

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Prayer Shield 25th May 2017 – Sudan

Thank God for the release of Czech Christian aid worker Petr Jašek, freed from jail in Sudan after international diplomacy helped secure a presidential pardon for him. He had been given a life sentence for charges including ‘spying’.

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Prayer Shield 24th May 2017 – Sudan

President Omar al-Bashir and his Government are relentlessly pursuing an agenda of introducing a stricter form of Sharia (Islamic law) into Sudan – and eradicating Christianity. Pray that God’s people in Sudan will have unshakeable faith.

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Christians in Kenya fear imminent attack – please pray

Please pray for our Christian family in north-east Kenya who fear an imminent attack after a renewed outbreak of violence against non-Muslims in the region. Al-Shabaab militants appear to have stepped up their campaign of violence in areas bordering Somalia – and Christians in the city of Mandera believe they could be the next target....

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Prayer Shield 23rd May 2017 – Malaysia

Pray for Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak who appears to be trying to win favour among hardline Muslims ahead of next year’s elections. He is in favour of introducing hudud into the penal system (see yesterday’s Prayer Shield).

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Prayer Shield 22nd May 2017 – Malaysia

Christians in Malaysia are increasingly concerned about threats to religious freedom as Parliament debates a Bill proposing that parts of a strict Islamic penal code (hudud) are incorporated into the legal system.

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