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Please take the time to look around and find out more about our fellowship; but don't just look at our website, you are more than welcome to fellowship with us at our regular meetings. Or feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

The Church is open for prayer every day from 10am - 4pm. On the first floor we have Eleos Christian Bookshop, a ministry of the church where we stock a wide range of Bibles, books for all ages, cards, gifts, CDs & DVDs. Coffee, tea & juices are also available.
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Prayer News

Pray 173 – Day 151

Thank God for recent signs that Eritreans are prepared to stand up and speak out more boldly for religious liberties. Protestors took to the streets of Asmara on October 31 to demonstrate against the arrest of several teachers who had opposed government policies limiting religious freedom. Such a protest is a rare occurrence in a...

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Prayer Shield 23rd November 2017 – Eritrea

The church in Eritrea has been under intense pressure since 2002. Pray that God will multiply His people in this East African nation, and raise up strong and wise leaders for them.

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Pray 173 – Day 150

Please pray today for all church leaders in Eritrea, especially those who are feeling fearful and struggling to trust God for their future and their congregations. Pray that God will strengthen them today, fill them afresh with His Holy Spirit, reassure them of His unfailing love, pour out a fresh anointing of His authority so...

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Prayer Shield 22nd November 2017 – Eritrea

Ask God to give a fresh revelation of His unfailing love and faithfulness to the many prisoners of faith being held in inhumane conditions in Eritrea’s prisons. One of the prisoners arrested in May, Fikadu Debesay from Adi Quala, has already died in custody.

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Pray 173 – Day 149

The Eritrean regime is reported to be increasingly intolerant of state-recognised faith groups including the Catholic church. The church, which runs much of the country’s social infrastructure including hospitals and schools, is finding it harder to gain permission to construct new buildings. Pray that the Government will recognise that the Church in all its expressions...

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Prayer Shield 21st November 2017 – Eritrea

There are now an estimated 400 prisoners of faith in Eritrea. Numbers have increased sharply in recent months, due to a crackdown on churches which began in May. More than 50 children were left without one or more parents as a result of mass arrests.

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Prayer Shield 20th November 2017 – Eritrea

Praise God for the way that persecuted Christians like gospel singer Helen Berhane who have fled from Eritrea are using their testimony to spread awareness of persecution and challenge the Western church to greater boldness in spreading the good news.

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Pray 173 – Day 148

Pray for the many Eritrean Christians who have suffered persecution in their homeland and who are now seeking asylum abroad. Pray that governments will look favourably upon their applications and show them compassion. Pray that application processes will speed up, as the world wakes up to the scale of persecution in Eritrea.

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