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Please take the time to look around and find out more about our fellowship; but don't just look at our website, you are more than welcome to fellowship with us at our regular meetings. Or feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

The Church is open for prayer every day from 10am - 4pm. On the first floor we have Eleos Christian Bookshop, a ministry of the church where we stock a wide range of Bibles, books for all ages, cards, gifts, CDs & DVDs. Coffee, tea & juices are also available.
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Prayer News

Prayer Shield 19th January 2018 – Malaysia

Pray that Islamic officials in Malaysia will stop seeing Christians as a threat to national security and start to see them as a force for good.

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Prayer Shield 18th January 2018 – Malaysia

Pray for a pastor with a Muslim background and his wife who were reported missing last March and were last seen near Kuala Lumpur.

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Prayer Shield 17th January 2018 – Malaysia

Pray God’s protection of Susanna Liew, wife of Raymond Koh (16th Jan), who had also received threats and was persecuted like her husband before he was kidnapped.

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Prayer Shield 16th January 2018 – Malaysia

Pray for the safe return of Pastor Raymond Koh who was abducted by masked men in Petaling Jaya, near Kuala Lumpur, last February. His family are angry that police have been investigating whether he had been proselytising Muslims, which is forbidden in Malaysia.

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Prayer Shield 15th January 2018 – Malaysia

Pray for the church in Malaysia, an Islamic country whose reputation for tolerance is fading fast. Kelantan state has been pushing for the adoption of a strict Islamic penal code, ‘Hudud’, and now allows public caning.

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Prayer Shield 14th January 2018 – China

Pray for Pastor Li Wanhua of Fengle Church, Guangdong province, who was recently interrogated after officials raided his home and ordered him to stop holding church services.

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Prayer Shield 13th January 2018 – China

Lift up in prayer Communist officials who see churches as a threat to their authority. Pray that they will come to recognise that the government is upon Jesus’ shoulders (Isaiah 9:6).

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Prayer Shield 12th January 2018 – China

Ask God to protect Li Baiguang, a prominent Christian human rights lawyer, who continues to receive death threats, despite officials’ promise to investigate his kidnapping and beating at the hands of state-hired thugs in Zhejiang in October.

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