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Please take the time to look around and find out more about our fellowship; but don't just look at our website, you are more than welcome to fellowship with us at our regular meetings. Or feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

The Church is open for prayer every day from 10am - 4pm. On the first floor we have Eleos Christian Bookshop, a ministry of the church where we stock a wide range of Bibles, books for all ages, cards, gifts, CDs & DVDs. Coffee, tea & juices are also available.
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Prayer News

Prayer Shield 30th April 2017 – Uganda

A Muslim was sent to murder Bishop George Edweu during a church service in Amuria but the would-be assassin became a Christian during that service instead. The Holy Spirit convicted him as he sat waiting to kill the preacher: praise God!

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Prayer Shield 29th April 2017 – Uganda

Malik, a former Muslim teacher, was beaten unconscious by relatives in east Uganda when he told them he’d become a Christian. His mother turned to Christ after seeing how Malik was persecuted.

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Prayer Shield 28th April 2017 – Uganda

Masked men raided a church in Obokora village, Pallisa district, and attacked several church members, including Pastor Erod. A Muslim had reportedly been healed at the church the previous day.

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India: ‘Alarming rise’ in attacks against Christians as Hindu nationalists tighten grip

INDIA: ‘ALARMING RISE’ IN ATTACKS AGAINST CHRISTIANS AS HINDU NATIONALISTS TIGHTEN GRIP Attacks against Christians in India have been rising at an alarming rate, according to new reports. They describe an upswing in politically motivated attacks since the March 2017 elections, which saw a landslide victory for Hindu nationalists. The latest report of the All...

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Prayer Shield 27th April 2017 – Uganda

Pray for Peninah and her three children. Extremists pulled down their home in eastern Uganda after the family turned to Christ. They are now homeless; Peninah has received death threats.

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Prayer Shield 26th April 2017 – Uganda

Ask God to protect all those who are turning to Christ in Uganda: pray that their numbers will multiply.

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Prayer Shield 25th April 2017 – Uganda

Susan’s father held her captive in a shed for months to try to force her to renounce Christ. His plan failed. Susan, who has ongoing health problems as a result, now tours churches across the country, encouraging people to pray for persecuted Christians.

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Release 97 – May 2017

Welcome to the latest  edition of release magazine! You can read the magazine as a free e-mag and you can download it as a free pdf. We now include hypertext links in this version of the magazine. Just move your mouse over the page to find the active links or click on the web address...

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